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Some people are not happy dating within their own community or ethnic group. But the community in return looks down on such people. The various cultural boundaries prevent us from dating outside our own group. This is where a site like comes to play. The online dating network is a safe place for the like-minded people to get together, without the prying eyes of the society they live in.
This site is said to be the largest group in the world of its kind. They have been in the business for over 16 years and have a well built reputation. The community is vast and ever on the expansion. And you will find many people who are actually living closer to you through this site.

Sign Up

The signing up process is easy. You can freely make an account by giving very basic information. Then you will be asked to add a few more details and a profile picture as you expand your profile. The details you give will allow the site as well as the other members to find out who you are and will help in the match making.
Before you can start seeing other people and use the site options, you have to subscribe. The monthly fee is $29 and if you opt to sign up for 6 months, it only costs you $119 with a hefty 50% discount. Once you pay and subscribe, you are entitled to use all the features in the site. registration

Top Features

There are a number of features which make this site the best in the interracial dating market. First there are many members of different ethnicities. You can search people based on their race. So you can easily narrow down to the racial groups of your preference and ignore the others. Then there are chat options and various other social interactions to get to know the other people well.
This site is more of a social networking site than an actual dating site. It is not restricted to just spin a few algorithms and bring up the matches out of thin air. Here you are actually interacting with other people. Go through their profiles and see what are their likes and dislikes. If you see someone who is interesting, add him/her to your favorite list.


The most interesting feature of this site is that the large number of members. Nowhere else you will find this many people who are interested in interracial dating. The numbers really add up as it increases your chances of finding a date substantially.
Another plus point of is that site has so many features to work with. No other site has this many options.


One of the main drawbacks would be the price. For some, paying $29 per month will be a little too much. Even though with the facilities provided this price is reasonable, it may be a number one may not be willing to pay.


It is natural for the people who use a site like to be very much aware of their privacy. Not everyone wants the other to know that they are interested in dating from a different racial group. This has made the producers of this site to increase the privacy options by adding features to see who has viewed your profile. Each and every profile is verified as well. So there will be minimum number of fake profiles. Another privacy option is allowing members to hide the profiles or parts of it as they wish.

Ease of Use

This interracial dating site is very user friendly. The many features are easy to master and the navigation is quite easy. You will find it quite enjoyable to move between pages and search different profiles.


Duration Price per Month Saving*
6 Months $19.95 60%
3 Months $24.95 50%
1 Months $39.95 20%


In the world of interracial dating, remains one of the best. It is the largest network of its kind and comes with a great bunch of cool features and privacy options. For a person who is looking for a partner outside his/her ethnic group, this is one of the best places to start looking.
The world is fast changing and the interracial dating is becoming ever popular. With over 16 years of dating site experience, this is one sure way for you to find your significant other.